Online bingo games have become extremely popular these days. Players get a wide variety of bingo games to choose from these bingo websites. However, it may be quite confusing for new players to make a choice because the available choice is overwhelming. However, it is easy to pick the right website if you do the required research.

Win in the conventional manner

When it comes to regular bingo games, you can win them in three ways. The first method is to cover all your numbers in a run that may run vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If you win in any of these ways, you are entitled to the jackpot prize. When compared to other kinds of bingo games, this prize money is usually a bit lower because you can win it in three different ways.

Cover all bingo games

When compared to all other kinds of bingo games, this is probably the easiest one to play. In these kinds of games, you must be the first individual to cover all the numbers appearing on your bingo card.  A Jackpot provided at cover all games is usually much higher when compared to other kinds of bingo games. However, in order to get this jackpot, all your numbers have to be marked before the 41st ball in the game is called out. If this doesn’t happen, it will reduce the jackpot amount to a great amount.

Four Corners bingo games

When playing this game, you must ensure that you are the first one to cover four corners of your bingo card to win the jackpot. It is, hence, a better idea to play multiple cards since there are only four numbers on your cards that can get you the winning combination.

Diamond bingo games

In order to win diamond bingo games, you must ensure that you cover numbers in the shape of a diamond. You can find two kinds of bingo games that use this format. Squares O3, N5, N1, I4, I2 and B3 are required to win the game. Another pattern you can count on for winning is using the squares O3, N5, N1 and B3.

Cross bingo games

In this kind of bingo game, the first player who manages to form a shape of a specific cross wins the game. Then entire row of N and O3, B3, I3 and G3 make up this cross that can win you the jackpot.

Winner’s Circle


In this category of bingo games, the player needs to form the shape of a circle on the area of the bingo card to win the game. The specific squares required to win this kind of bingo game include the entire row of O and B as well as the last and first squares in N, G and I.

75 Ball Bingo games

The 75 ball bingo game is one of the most popular ones in North America. Unusual patters are used in this game which can be used to win substantial bonuses. These patterns may include an X, an A or a range of seasonal patterns such as Christmas trees and Turkeys.

90 Ball Bingo games

The 90 ball bingo game is one of the most popular in Australia as well as Great Britain. This game allows players to win much more in every game.

80 Ball Bingo games

These games suit anyone who wants a number between 75 to 90 balls. Sliding boards are used to cover the numbers.