Online bingo is one of the most wanted games for many excited online game lovers. Many types of online bingo games are available in the internet. You can choose one of them, which matches your expectation. But, if you are a beginner to online gaming, you could be confused with the choices. However, online bingo games are simple to learn. You just go through the general types of online bingo games, which help you to understand them.

Regular Bingo

You have three ways to win in case of online bingo. The first is, player should cover his numbers in a row diagonally, second is, forming horizontally and the last one is arranging vertically. You have a choice of winning a jackpot prize, if you succeed in any of the above mentioned three ways. Regular bingo games give a cash prize, which is usually smaller than other bingos.

Cover All

It is the easiest bingo game available in the internet. You have to cover all your bingo cards` numbers to win this game. You can get a higher jackpot amount in this bingo, when compared to other online bingo games. You should mark all your numbers in the bingo cards within the specified time to get the jackpot. If time gets elapsed, your jackpot cash price will also get reduced accordingly.

Four Corners

To win in this four corners bingo, you have to cover all the four corners of your bingo cards. Here, you have the option of playing with more than one card at a time. Only four corners will be considered for game playing and winning. Nothing else matters in this type of bingo.


Cross bingo is also an easy game to play. All the numbers should be covered in a cross shape, in this type of bingo. You have to mark the numbers in the bingo cards to avail the jackpot.


Numbers in your bingo cards should be covered in the shape of a diamond to get the prize in case of diamond bingo game.

75 Ball

This bingo game is more popular inNorth America. This uses very uncommon patterns in the game to win the prizes. For example, an “A” pattern or seasonal patterns, such as, Christmas tree can be used. Certain symbols are also used as patterns in this game.

Winner’s circle

This is one of the most challenging online bingo games. It is also referred as “O” bingo or frame bingo. You have to complete 16 squares which are more specific to the game. After that, you need to create an “O” frame around your bingo cards` outside. The first person, who completes this frame, will win the game.

90 ball bingo

This is a famous game in theUnited KingdomandAustralia. It allows you to win more than one time in a single game.

Online bingo games are simpler to learn than any other online casino games. A little effort is enough to win this game. You may be at any age, but you will enjoy playing bingo games certainly. The game rules may vary from one to another, but the guidelines are same for game playing. You need to understand the game clearly, before choosing a game. This helps to increase your fun and excitement.